Bioline Dental Hygiene Kit Beef Flavour

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Pets love beef flavour and they will love getting their teeth brushed with a beef flavoured toothpaste.

Bioline Dental Hygiene Kit can effectively prevent dental calculus/tartar, reduce oral bacteria growth in the mouth, avoid gum disease, freshen their breath, and take care of your pet’s oral health.

Suitable for all dogs.

Includes 3 different types of toothbrushes and 1 x 100g beef flavour toothpaste.

Brush at least 2-3 times per week.


Toothpaste: Sorbitol, Silicon Dioxide, Alkyl Polygtycosides, Cellulose Gum, Beef flavour, Tetrasodium Pyro-phosphate, Enzymeate.
Toothbrushes: Nylon ( Bristles ), and TPR & Plastic ( PP).


May cause allergic reactions. Use only in accordance with the instructions.

Do not use human toothbrushes for dogs. The structure of dogs teeth is different from humans, using human toothbrushes may cause injury to pets mouth. Don’t use too much force when brushing to avoid damage to gums.