Box 1 Gold High Energy Dry Kibble for Active Dogs 18kg

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Box 1 Gold High Energy has been developed to supply the optimum balance of digestible proteins, fats and carbohydrates to meet the nutritional demands of active dogs (including racing greyhounds) that require a high energy intake. This highly palatable kibble contains essential vitamins and minerals. Its quality has been further enhanced with the nutrient-rich goodness of kelp, garlic, iron, and vitamin E. 

No artificial colours or flavours. 

Typical Analysis

Crude Protein        26% 

Crude Fat                  18%   

Crude Fibre               4%                                                                                       

Salt                                1%                                                                                                   


Wholegrain cereals and cereal meals, meat and meat by-product meals (derived from chicken and/or lamb), animal fat (derived from beef and/or chicken and/or lamb), natural flavour, essential vitamins and minerals, salt, linseed, yeast, kelp, preservatives and antioxidants. 

Feeding Guide 

Please use this feeding chart as a guide only. Don't forget that every dog has its own nutritional requirements and daily intake should vary according to your dog's condition, age and activity levels. Always make sure clean, fresh water is available. 

Breed of Dog          Daily Feeding Guide

Toy                                       50-150g

Small                                150-250g

Medium                           250-500g

Large                                500-700g

Giant                                700-850g         

Standard 250ml measuring cup = 120 grams of dry product

Metabolisable energy content approximately 367kcal/100grams.


Box 1 Gold High Energy is nutritionally complete and has been developed to exceed the minimum requirements as set down by the American Animal Feed Control Officials (AAFCO).