Backyard Fresh 750ml

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BackyardFRESH is a high performance, safe odour control solution for pet and outside odours that linger in your artificial grass or backyard. This ready to use formula works outdoors, leaving the smelliest areas smelling fresh clean. Unlike air fresheners that mask odours temporarily, this unique chemical formulation provides long-lasting relief using non-harmful and non-toxic ingredients that are environmentally friendly.

BackyardFRESH can be used on synthetic grass, artificial turf, and is ideal for animal care centres, kennels, catteries, stables and other animal enclosures. Ready and easy to use, lightly spray BackyardFRESH onto or around the problem area for immediate, long-lasting results.

BackyardFRESH is packaged in an easy-to-use 750ml bottle with combination trigger sprayer.

How to use BackyardFRESH:

When it comes to treating urine odours in your backyard, it is not always necessary to make sure the urine deposit is removed entirely because many pets will frequently visit your garden beds, synthetic grass or their favourite spot. Permanently removing urine deposits on these areas on a continuous basis could be a costly exercise!

BackyardFRESH is not a urine remover, it is a high performance, safe odour control solution. It’s a great cost-effective alternative to our urine remover urineFREE when treating urine odours outside on commonly used areas. 

1. Keep calm and read the “Prior to application” instructions to ensure your surface is prepared as best possible. 

Shake well before use and do not dilute product.

2. Make sure you have enough product to do the job. If the urine stain is made by an animal and it has repeatedly returned to the same spot, there could be a large accumulation of urine. Different surfaces may require more or less product depending on porousness or absorbency rate.

3. Select nozzle to mist or stream on trigger spray bottles.

For 2 & 5-litre containers, either refill a clean spray bottle or attach our battery sprayer to avoid wrist fatigue.

4. Lightly spray BackyardFRESH onto or around the problem area for immediate results. Wash hands after use.

Repeat applications may be necessary, especially on older urine stains. The sniff test will tell you when you’re done!